My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility iPad App

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility is AbleLink’s cognitively accessible self-directed learning App designed for self-paced learning of eight important topics necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With this title, AbleLink has partnered with Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD), a leader in promoting health for individuals with special needs, particularly those with significant health disparities. This program is designed to be used directly by users with special needs to learn about healthy living in a self-directed manner or as part of a group learning activity facilitated by an instructor using the My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility Trainer’s Manual.

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility is a training program developed at WIHD in collaboration with the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS).  My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility was written by Marilyn Vitale, Mitchell Levitz, and Daniel Crimmins with the purpose of helping individuals with developmental disabilities make healthy choices in daily life and learn to speak up for good health.  The training program consists of eight sessions.  Topics included are developing a health plan, self-advocating at the doctor’s office, physical activity, nutrition, safety and cleanliness in the home, hygiene, and emotional health.  For each session, learners can watch a video covering the selected health topic, review “Things to Remember” using AbleLink’s AIMS task format and complete a short survey to test their knowledge using AbleLink’s cognitively accessible testing system, ATLAS™ (patent-pending).  Three additional health tools are available online for use with the system: My Medical Appointment, a form to help prepare for medical appointments; Health Information Form, a record of a person’s health needs and medical history; and My Health Plan, a listing of goals developed during the seminar. Users and learning facilitators can download these forms at for use with the My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility App.

The app is available for download from the iPad App Store for $9.99.